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Continuous Hinges – Zincanneal®  
We have a large selection of Zincanneal Hinges in different material Thicknesses and open sizes.

All of the other items in the table are made to order. The general lead time to manufacture
these products is 5 to 7 working days.

There are no Standard in stock items for Zincanneal. All hinges are made to order.
Materials such as Zincanneal® and Zincseal® are hot-dipped, zinc/iron alloy coated, and are suitable for coating prior to installation. Typical uses include Exposed painted panels, non-exposed automotive panels, washing machines, door frames, switchboards, commercial refrigerators and freezers.

Part Number
1828mm long
Part Number
2438mm long
Minimum Order
0.6 28   N/A 286Z24 25
0.9 25 3.15 s/steel* 259Z18 259Z24 11
32 329Z18 329Z24 10
38 389Z18 389Z24 9
50 509Z18 509Z24 7
1.2 25 3.15 s/steel* 2512Z18 2512Z24 11
32 3212Z18 3212Z24 10
38 3812Z18 3812Z24 9
50 5012Z18 5012Z24 7
76 7612Z18 7612Z24 5
100 10012Z18 10012Z24 4
1.5 32 5.0 s/steel 3215Z18 3215Z24 8
38 3815Z18 3815Z24 7
50 5015Z18 5015Z24 6
57 5715Z18 5715Z24 6
64 6415Z18 6415Z24 5
76 7615Z18 7615Z24 5
100 10015Z18 10015Z24 5
2 50 6.35 s/steel 502Z18 502Z24 6
64 642Z18 642Z24 5
76 762Z18 762Z24 4
100 1002Z18 1002Z24 3
125 1252Z18 1252Z24 3
150 1502Z18 1502Z24 3

Simply quote the part number and
the quantity that you need.

Place order via Email

Do you need a smaller quantity of hinge?
Are you under our Minimum order quantities?
If you need a few lengths of hinge for a job or a personal project you can purchase our continuous hinges through our distributors in NSW and Victoria.

No minimum order quantities apply. See our distributors here.

*Although WCH will endeavour to have the hinge in stock at all times if for some reason we are out of stock lead times will be 2 to 3 working days plus time for freight.

* Depends upon availability of material
. Does not include time for delivery. 
Applies only to standard items listed here. 
All sizes are nominal
. All dimensions are in millimeters

Windeyer Continuous Hinges Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter or withdraw any specification with notice
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